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Friday, 10 February 2012

going home...

3 1/2 years ago I gave a piece of my heart away
to a place of great beauty

and unthinkable tragedy

I traveled there with my son

and a group of 30 others

I set up shop and did what it is I do...

It was an adventure of a life time.
And now I am privileged
to be going back
to see my kids
the heart friends I had made.

It is amazing how connections can be made
even when the language does not flow
How the human spirit surpasses all words
and finds a place of common ground.

When we arrived
the eager Canadians,
the looks were uncertain
the trust unsure
but the Heart has a way of shining
and the Heart has a way of softening
and Love
Love always wins....

a beautiful country...

full of brokenness and laughter

a place that holds a piece of my heart
a people that holds a piece of my heart

I am blessed to be going back
5 weeks and counting

This video holds pictures I took of our kids that we care for at our center...
for more of this story you can go here
take the time to watch
to listen
and say a prayer
for all children 
who live in poverty


  1. When I went to Nicaragua I could not handle it. I would not speak about it for months- still do not often. I do what I can here to fight poverty...the world needs more like you who can actually go and not be overcome...

  2. Yeah! You get to go back. Amazing heart you have Cat. Can see God's putting it to good use. Best, my friend!

  3. It's great that you get to go again, Cat. Saying a prayer for you and your trip and the children. ♥

  4. I'm very emotional today. everything touches me.. and so this.. this went straight into a very deep place and I felt so honoured to have met you here and to see these things about your heart. I'm counting down the weeks with you.. So glad you're going back to a place that holds your heart. I'm all misty eyed and runny nosed over this for you xo

  5. So excited that you get to go back and revisit!! How long for? Will you set up shop again? Am praying that God will be your guide light in the front and rear guard behind you!.


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